Review: Cadenhead Green Label 10 Year Panama Rum

Today we’re talking about Cadenhead’s Green Label Rum, specifically the 10 Year Panama. This is one of those bottles I probably would never have bought if it wasn’t on clearance at the Binny’s by my house, but when I saw it was $30 off (although it still cost me $60) I figured I’d take the leap. That crossed out price with a lower one next to it was too tempting to pass up.

Cadenhead’s is a company with a super long history (all the way back to 1842), but since they 1970s they’ve been owned by J&A Mitchell, who happens to make my favorite Scotch (Springbank). I was curious about this when I saw “Campbeltown” on the label, since I know it’s not a huge town. Cadenhead’s whole business model is buying casks and casks of distilled spirits from around the world, then aging them in Campbeltown before either bottling from a single cask or blending across multiple. 

This particular bottle is one of 294 from a single cask of Panamanian rum that was aged for 10 years. It was distilled using a column still and bottled at 46% ABV. In my experience column stills tend to result in less flavorful rum, although Ron del Barrilito 3 Star showed me that it isn’t a hard and fast rule. Presentation-wise it came in a cardboard sleeve which included some notes about how Cadenhead’s does not use additives or chill filter their rums – a very helpful statement when you’re trying to evaluate what a rum is going to taste like, since I’ve had a few that are sweetened to an extreme.

In the glass, the nose has notes of honey, and an almost floral quality. I also get hints of fruit (I’m thinking maybe coconut). The palate is smooth, with some oak. At the start it has a sour note that reminds me of some whiskeys I’ve had, which then mellows. I added a few drops of water after the first couple sips, which helped it open up and made some orange notes noticeable. 

Overall, this is a fine rum, although I don’t think it’s worth the money and wouldn’t seek it out again. It drinks plenty well straight, although since I’m not in love with it I’ll probably do some experiments mixing it to see what it can do. Someone who usually drinks whiskey might get a bit more out of this than me.