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Review: Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye Whiskey

I’m going to start out by saying that there is no other whiskey on the market that compares to Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye Whiskey. There’s an excellent short documentary about it on Youtube, which gets deeper on the background than I will here, but the short version is this: this is a rye whiskey […]

Review: Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca

In my quest to see what cocktails were like back in the early days of tropical cocktails (“tiki” cocktails), I recently obtained some Cuban rums. One of these was the Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca, which is a white Cuban rum bottled at 38%. Honestly, the only reason I bought this one was that […]

Review: Samaroli 2002 Demerara Rum

When Lost Lake reopened for pickup after being closed for months due to coronavirus, I biked up there at my first opportunity. While I was ordering a few cocktails to bring home, I noticed a bunch of bottles in the back that had the distinctive Samaroli label design. I decided to purchase it spur of […]

Review: Bacardi 1909 Limited Edition Heritage Pack

This one required a bit of digging to find.  I recently sampled the Bacardi 1909 Limited Edition Heritage Pack. This was a rum released a few years back to celebrate the fact that 2012 was Bacardi’s 150th year. Bacardi is known as Puerto Rican rum now, but they were originally founded in Cuba way back […]

Ginger Beer Review and Comparison

Mixers in a cocktail have just as much impact on the end result as the spirits, but reviews and comparisons are a bit less celebrated online. Given that, I thought it would be worthwhile to look into the differences between some pretty widely-available brands of ginger beer. Don’t worry – I’ll be looking at plenty […]

Recipe: Navy Grog (Donn Beach version)

I was in the mood for a Navy Grog on Friday, since I haven’t done proper tiki drinks in a while. The Navy Grog is pretty typical of tiki drink flavor profile, with a mix of citrus, rum, and sweet ingredients (not much spice in this one). One of the big points in the Navy […]

Review: Samaroli Caribbean Rum

I originally had the Samaroli Caribbean Rum rum when I was in San Diego for Tiki Oasis in 2019. I went to False Idol the night before to sit alone at the bar and read while having a few drinks. Eventually a couple people came in and sat next to me; it turned out they […]


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